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91-93 Teletha Testarossa, Kurz Weber, Melissa Mao by ryuusei86 91-93 Teletha Testarossa, Kurz Weber, Melissa Mao by ryuusei86
This drawing took WAAAAY too long to finish. Thus I rushed it at the end and it is chock-full of fails. :x

But I thought it was fitting to capture these three sillies, since I just watched Full Metal Panic! for the first time recently. Kurz Weber was my favorite character. Probably the combination of his superb marksmanship, his easygoing nature, and his quirky overconfidence were the reason he was my favorite.

None of these three characters made it onto our challenge list at #AnimeFanartChallenge. The lead male character, Sagara Sousuke, did make it, due to his grabbing the #69 rank on the Anime-Planet character popularity poll. Yet I found him rather one-dimensional and preferred the lead female character to him, Kaname Chidori. Who incredibly, didn't make our list either. That being said, I will still devote a separate study to Sagara Sousuke later on.

My next victim subject will be the great Sabaku no Gaara of Naruto, one of those characters whom I approach with some degree of respect. This will be for an art trade with MugetsuIchigo, and I want to do a good job for her as well as out of deference to the character. I am also on the verge of joining the group #Gakuen-Manga, where it looks like I may get challenged to make some changes. I may get challenged beyond my patience. But considering I've felt for a long time a vague sense that nothing I draw is really right, and almost every detail has something wrong with it, maybe I should give it a shot. For now, I offer my rendition of these three characters to satisfy entries #91-93 at #AnimeFanartChallenge.

Thanks for looking!

Free FMP! logo wallpaper: [link]

Full Metal Panic! (C) Funimation, ADV Films, Gatoh Shouji
ZzDreamLandZz Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Student Photographer
I love this, good job, keep it up ^.^
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February 10, 2013
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